Naturopathy and Nutrition in its basic form, is a celebration of simplicity with the promotion of fresh air, clean water, exercise, adequate rest, nutritious food and the use of herbal remedies and nutrition to assist with body’s self-healing process. Despite the complexities of modern disease pathogenesis, astounding improvements in patient’s quality of life can be achieved by adhering to simple yet effective techniques to encourage self-healing. The brilliance of this system of healing is the intelligence behind the simplicity (Leah Hechtman).

Nutritious food is the foundation of a healthy and happy life. If we seek a more relaxed lifestyle we should start by caring ourselves from the inside, and feed our body with ‘good’ fuel. Food management is important to improve ability to relax and cope with stress. A diet based on whole, natural foods, particularly the one that emphasises quality, fresh, seasonal and organic produced and reduced dependence on animal food is what a naturopathic nutrition upholds as an ideal diet. Not just the diet but eating process itself can create a feeling of wellbeing.

Ayurveda, a highly effective health-care system, emphasises on preventative measures of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, based on bio-individuality. In Ayurvedic system, humans are categorised into three types and food is categorised into six taste types. Emphasis on food preparation, food to be taken at specific time, specific place and eating in a specific style and attitude is highly recommended in Ayurveda.

Yogic Food Cooking classes

In the establishment of Yoga Chautara we are even more delighted to announce that we are opening a small Yogic kitchen for our students to help them build healthy eating habit and understand the value of food as medicine. We endeavour for student’s health integrity by re-educating body in terms of nutrition and taste, minimisation of health risk and reduction of any presenting health concerns while learning the art of healing, Yoga and Reiki. Our gratitude to veteran Culinarian Yogi Raj who has agreed to support our mission by rendering his skill of Ayurvedic food preparations and medicinal cooking !