Hath Yoga

The word hatha is the combination of two beej mantras, ‘ha’ meaning moon and ‘tha’ meaning sun. Hatha symbolises the twin energy forces, the moon as subtle energy of chitta (mind) and the sun as dynamic and active energy of prana (the vital force within the body). Hatha yoga means the union of the pranic and mental forces. Though Hatha yoga is a method of preparing the system for spiritual awakening it has been used by rishis and yogis in ancient days for the relief of all kinds of diseases and has been a very important science of health (Swami Styananda Saraswati).

Hatha yoga classes and courses

The courses you accomplish here are designed in a very systematic and scientific way with valuable traditional knowledge incorporated such that the learning begins as the science of disease and completes as the art of healing. The teacher guides, monitor the student’s posture, encourages awareness and reminds to implement tiny changes in movement while performing the Asana. No force is used by the teacher and the student will be shown how best to alter into correct Asana so that the muscles will be used most effectively and with the least effort. We have short / long courses to choose according to your stay and have flexible time table. Classes do not stop or wait for any particular number of students, prefer small groups and will run even with one student. Therefore travellers sometimes are lucky to have private lessons ! Hatha Yoga is completely harmless, encouraging an agreeable state of mind, body and emotion. It is helpful for number of diseases and can free us from common complaints of everyday life such as stress, headaches and back pain. Its effectiveness in relieving stress is widely acknowledged within the medical profession.