Our Team

Naturopath Nabita Ananda

  • ND (Dr. of Naturopathy) and YD (Dr. of Yoga), Gorakhpur school of Natural Therapeutics, India
  • BHSc (Naturopathy), Endeavour college of Natural Health, Sydney Australia
  • Yoga Teacher training course, Manokranti Grurukul Kathmandu Nepal
  • Reiki Master Degree, Manokranti Grurukul Kathmandu Nepal
  • Performed Reiki and Yoga classes, seminars and workshops on nutritional diet and herbs at different yoga centres and schools in Kathmandu Nepal
  • Travelled India extensively and taught yoga, Reiki and natural health in Rishikesh (the Yoga Capital) for 4 years.
  • Honoured being as a guest star appearance in the Indian DVD series (on Reiki topic) nominated for the award of Best and most innovative TV. Programme in Denmark. (Copenhagen film and Aps)
  • Established Yoga and Reiki centre in Pokhara Nepal

Yogi Raj (A veteran Culinarian)

  • Skilled and self-taught, veteran Culinarian
  • Enormous past experience of running his own restaurants at various tourist destinations of India like Goa, Dharamshala, Laddak and Rishikesh for more than a decade.
  • His restaurants referred by the Lonely Planet, then.
  • Reiki Master and a profound Reiki healer
  • A dedicated yoga practitioner