Our Philosophy and Mission


Yoga is very original and very individual. It is the purest form of practice and does not belong to any sect, cult or religion. It is free in itself; it can be yours and yet remain universal. At Yoga Chautara, we endeavour to make yoga, your Yoga, yet keep the practice universal so that many more may come and make theirs. We maintain our belief on, teachings as manifesting and help manifest for you.

One needs to actualise, realise or recognise yoga for self. It is like the old story about a disciple who receives AUM mantra as a gift from his Guru. The disciple happily goes out in the society but finds the mantra, very common amongst the people. Everybody chanted AUM and he finds the gift ordinary. He approaches his Guru with disappointment. The guru gives him a stone and sends him for a mission to discover the price of it.

The disciple approaches several people. A fruit seller agrees to give him some bananas in exchange ! The vegetable shopkeeper agrees to give him little vegetable, as the stone was of little value to him. The disciple then thinks of rich merchants visiting the sex workers in the city. He approaches them but they too find the stone ordinary. However, one woman amongst the sex workers suggests him to visit a jeweller. The jeweller, he approached was astonished to find the stone, exclaims and explains how precious and invaluable the stone was and asks how and where he got it from. The disciple realises that the stone looked ordinary to others, but to the jeweller it was very precious because he had recognized the stone. He also realizes that the gift of AUM is the same. It is only valuable to the right person. He was satisfied.

Practice of yoga, today, is also very common. However it is always valuable to the ones who recognise it. Thousands of yoga teachers and yoga centres have emerged in the world. Wherever and whichever yoga you learn, it can remain only as someone else’s style or a certain type of practice, and/or possess the potential to become Your Yoga. All you need is to recognise it, actualise it ! Yoga therefore is very individual, original, and free in itself. Austu!