Myotherapy whole body Rejuvenation massage


What to expect during massage therapy

  • A short physical assessment by the therapist. Time given for the client to undress, leaving only pants or briefs on, covered body with towel before the treatment begins.
  • Towel draping provided to ensure client’s comfort and privacy.  
  • Clients are able to decide which area of the body they wish to include.
  • A full body relaxation massage will include the following areas; back, back of the legs and feet, shoulder, front of the legs, arms, hands neck face and scalp.
  • Treatment lasts for 45 minutes.
  • Oil is applied to the skin to allow sliding and kneading.
  • Therapist uses hand, fingers, thumbs, forearms and elbows to apply gentle pressure to the soft tissues of the body, at the level comfortable to the client.  


Treatment duration

  • 60 minutes (including short physical assessment )

Treatment hour

  • Flexible

The systematic whole body treatment with Rejuvenation Massage is offered for you every day !