Frequently Ask Question

  • What is Hatha yoga?

    Hatha yoga is known as the science of purification . Hatha yoga helps clear body impurities and releases energy blocks and makes the nadis function.

  • Why choose Hatha yoga ?

    In order to purify mind it is necessary for the body as a whole to undergo a process of absolute purification . Then the energies move like wave frequencies throughout the channels within the physical structure, moving right up to the brain .

  • How long does it take to learn Hatha yoga ?

    Learning depends on the students . However comprehensive classes are designed such that once you learn, you can practice them forever on your own .

  • What is the difference between Hatha yoga and other yoga ?

    Hatha yoga believes in creating an absolute balance of the interacting activities and process of the physical body, mind and energy. The body is not just flesh and bone, nor just marrow and myraids of secretions, but it is a gross manifestation of the very subtle shakti, polarised into Prana and manas shakti. Therefor Hatha yoga first takes care of the body and its purification .

  • Why do you have different names of yoga courses ? Are they all Hatha yoga or any other yoga?

    These names are given only to represent the designs of the courses . They all belong to Hatha yoga practice .