Vyenjan Ahaar Cooking

Ahaar in Sanskrit means diet. Vyenjan Ahaar is a cooking lessons prepared on food that does not only belong to healthy diet but any other scrumptious meal ! Yes any other scrumptious meal ! Enjoying these meals once in a while is great practice to enjoy food as just food, and in teaching your body to value healthy diet.Inspired from long experience in food world, Yogi Raj is all set to share his skill. Come and seize the opportunity to enjoy Indian, Chinese, Nepalese and ask more !

Classes open every day from 10 am -5 pm

“The teacher and the student can discuss and fix class’s time according to their convenience between the given hours. All medicinal food and Ayurvedic food on the menu are for the choice to the students to learn. The menu and the cooking ingredients may vary depending on the current season of Pokhara.”