Yogic Ahaar Cooking

Ahaar in Sanskrit means diet. Yogic Ahaar is the Ayurvedic and medicinal food, specially designed for our students for their harmony of mind body and emotion. Nourished by the elements of nature such as herbs, fruits and seeds that possesses the life-giving juice rasa , food is much more than nutrition. The universe’s rasa is expressed through the six tastes. Each taste is instilled with the cosmic memory of its original seed from the time of the onset of creation.

The sweet taste brings us virility, lavish love, abundant wealth and goodness, virtues only the sweet taste can carry throughout the passage of all time. The sample sweet basen cake above is made out ofBasenflour (Chickpea flour) (high in fibre, low in Glycaemic index, is anti-inflammatory), Gud (jaggery/ molasses) (is a complex carbohydrate and is high in minerals) and Ghee(clarified butter) (possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties). Top it with grated almond, resins, coconut and aromatic herb, fennel that enhances digestion and makes these treats simply delicious!

Come and join us to enjoy and learn all six tastes of Ayurveda and take the memory of the flavours back to your home country!

Classes open every day from 10 am -5 pm